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1.    Hell-o Khaoth! How are you doinТ these days? Busy with gigs, rehearsals, recordings and other shit?

- Heil! IТm quite OK, thanks. Actually IТm pretty in my usual work then in rehearsals and so on. We play a little of shows in some reasons but right not so far we participated on Pagan Fest in Kiev. It was great show by the way. As for recording while youТre at it then we already recorded all the tracks and now weТre into mixing and mastering. But weТll talk later about that in detail, in the next question.

2.    Your brand new album entitled "RETURN TO ABANDONED" will be available soon. Could you reveal some details such as: music (especially when compared to the last album), studio/sound, release date, record label etc., please?

- Actually itТs very complicated for me to describe music with words. It doesnТt matter whether itТs my music or just of some band. As for our brand new album then I think itТs just projection of the way we started and we standing for. ItТs much more guitar oriented than its predecessor УMysticismФ, has a little bit aggressive sound, deeper voice lines but one can also find tunes we sounded on УMysticismФ by which. One can check a couple of promo tracks on our myspace page to see better what I mean. As for studio sound I can definitely say the new album be stronger on this side too cause the equipment we recorded on was much better than one we recorded our previous album on but the studio was the same. We had more days for recording and we recorded all the tracks except keyboards in one studio. For УMysticismФ recording we used three of studios for example. WhatТs moreЕ? УReturn To AbandonedФ must to be released by Paragon records this Autumn.
3.    Your lyrics deal with paganism. Could you explain to the readers, why Sventevith is better than Satan or other Jesus, please? ;)

- We saw Satan in South Park and it turns heТs gay. Actually we donТt like gays, ha-ha! If serious thereТs only one right Slavonic mythology lies in Paganism.  

4.    As for a black metal band, KHORS play very soft and slow music (especially on the УColdФ album). To my ears, your tunes are closer to old KATATONIA then to DARKTHRONE, your stuff is not enough black metal if you know what I mean. Atmosphere over aggression attitude, right?

- You may feel free to name it as you think itТs right. You know we donТt name the music we play as black metal. Some people say we play some kind of dark metal and probably itТs closer to the true. We donТt care about any stylistic borders a fortiori theyТre definite to some. But as for aggression under atmosphere I think youТre totally right. ThatТs our vision of music we create and it differs with the vision of real life )))
5.    You did shoot a videoclip to the УRed MirrorsФ song. Frankly speaking, itТs not the best and most professional video IТve ever seen. And whatТs your opinion about the final effort?

- Yes, IТm agree that itТs definitely not good result and we donТt like to talk about this so called videoclip in section of something special. Our friend liked this song and said he wanted to make video it. We filmed some scenes but yet when mixing we recognized that no good come of this. This is something like experiment and I think we wonТt make amateurs video anymore.

6.    But on your MySpaceТs profile I saw a video taken at Metal HeadsТ Mission fest 2008 were you played alongside SAMAEL and it was of very good quality I didnТt expect from an Ukrainian band. I have only reservations about the lack of headbanging! You were too static, guys.

- Maybe weТre not Motley Crue, ha-ha! I thought so when I saw that video )))  

7.    YouТre a quite young band, but youТve already released a professional DVD entitled УCold WaysФ (ECLECTIC PROD.) after 4 years since the foundation! How come? And what about its content?

- No, itТs not professional DVD. Just a video filmed on usual handycam. We played some shows within tour and checking videos after. We found video from one venue good enough both in sound and picture and decided to make something like bootleg DVD. Our friend Eugeny from Eclectic Productions made covers, we included some more video tracks from another show and as result weТve got that we called УCold WaysФ DVD. Actually weТre thinking about filming professional DVD but we canТt fix terms so far. We thought to film it this Spring but shifted to Autumn. Hope weТll make it this year finally.  

8.    Where does the main strength of УMYSTICISMФ lie?

- I donТt know))) But really no main strength for everyone. You found your strength, I find mine and I think itТs right. There maybe different strengths depends on situation youТre listened to УMysticismФ, depends on your mood. But I remember the times we creating and recording that album and there lies a part of my soul so you never feel my strength there. Hope you see what I meanЕ     

9.    YouТre an Ukrainian band and IТm a Polish interviewer, he, so I must ask you a question about Polish-Ukrainian initiative — EURO 2012! WhatТs your opinion and expectations towards this event?

- I think there will be terrible times))) I like football and I like that atmosphere of football cups but thousands of tourists may cause some criminal. Also IТm sure that a lot of Ukrainians in one place itТs definitely not good. But good lies in the terms and conditions for Ukraine from Euro 2012 heads. We hope the cities where matches to be in become much better cause of that. Pass to Polish people to be careful with Ukrainian taxi drivers, ha-ha))))    

10.    Could you tell us a few words about Ukraine? I mean its history, political and economic situation, peopleТs mentality etc. IТve visited Western Ukraine a few times and it seems this area is more poor comparing to the East of Ukraine, am I right?

- You knew what should you ask me about to get one interview for a whole Сzine)) Well, historyЕIn IX-X Centuries after liberation of Dnepr lands by Novgorod prince Oleg from contribution to Khazarian empire the Russian state were formed with the capital in Kiev under authority of dynasty of Ryurikovichi Ц Kievan RusТ. Ukrainian history canТt be described in few words here and one can read it in the web if interested. IТm not sure if there will be many of such. Ukraine passed too many of acre allocation when under Polish-Lithuanian principality in XII century, Hetmanivshina, Zaporozhskaya Sech in XVII century, revolts headed by Bogdan Khmelnitsky. I think you should know it too. Acre allocation between Poland and Russia in XVII century, between Poland, Russia, Austria and Prussia in XVIII century, liquidation of Zaporozhskaya Sech by Ekaterina II in XVIII century, civil war in XIX century, proclamation of Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic with the capital in Kharkov. Creation of West Ukrainian People Republic on Galichina as a result of disintegration of Austro-Hungary in XX century. Then occupation during IIWW, arrangement of Ukrainian Insurgent Army on Western Ukraine. Their actions caused too many discords in contemporary society and those discords remain till now. Ukraine as it is now in territory formed finally in 1954 when Crimea was joining Ukraine. In August 1991 Ukraine became independent state after split of USSR.
Economic situation reduced just to huge sector of shadow economy, low supporting of small-scale business, corruption in highest echelons of power and so on. Not interesting theme. The same about political situation.
Comparison of Western and Eastern Ukraine is difficult throughout. As you see those territories historically was under different principalities therefore have a little bit different culture and mentality till now. I can definitely say that people are different in West and East of Ukraine and it caused by many facts, but thereТs not enough place in this interview to let you know it detailed. Actually there are few cities in Ukraine with normal standards of life. These are the capital for sure, port cities and industrial regions. There are no production in Western Ukraine so maybe economic situation in standards of lifeТs better on the East but I have to note that Western Ukraine is much more beautiful in culture and historical places.

11.    And what about UkraineТs history of Metal? WhoТs the forefathers of Metal in your country, how the scene has developed throughout the years etc.? Tell us as much as possible about first Metal bands, zines/mags, concerts, activists in Ukraine (when it was still a member of the USSR). Can you compare it to the scene condition of today, please?

- I donТt remember the situation on metal scene when Ukraine in USSR cause I was a little boy then but in fact there was no metal in Ukraine. The first metal band IТve heard was heavy metal bands from Russia. Many of them play so far but still theyТre popular only in ex-USSR territory. I visited my first gig in 1992 and there IТve seen some Ukrainian bands play metal. Some time later I decided to play metal too and IТve seen situation from the inside. First metal magazines was the same as in Poland I think. Printed then xeroxed. Total underground. We communicated via snail-mail, got too many of flyers, we know too many bands and supported one each other in the ways we could. There was too many people on shows, big venues and shitty equipment. Year by year underground is no more. Young bands starting to play metal and many of them do it for to be popular as much as possible. In fact itТs difficult for me to note some young band I can say itТs pearl but old bands still the best. Unfortunately many of them is no more yet. Now we have not bad venues in general, sometimes good equipment in there, but not so many interested people as it was. Still we feel satisfaction from what weТre doingЕ

12.    Has Ukraine the strongest scene of all ex-USSR countries? Why?

- Sure for me itТs the strongest. I canТt explain why but you better take some bands and compare them yourself)))   

13.    What about censorship in your country?

- No censorship in metal hereЕ

14.    And where there any church/synagogue burnings in Ukraine like it was in Norway in the 90Тs?

- Actually there was some fires in the churches and you may see one on the front cover of NOKTURNAL MORTUMТs УTo the Gates of Blasphemous FireФ album. But there was no vandal actions but unfortunately just some problems with electric wiring. At least they told so.  

15.    WhoТs your greatest musical and ideological inspiration? Is it maybe early SAMAEL/mid BATHORY and NOKTURNAL MORTUM respectively?

- We like the music of SAMAEL, NOKTURNAL MORTUM and BATHORY but we started to play metal almost the same time with them. Sure BATHORY was earlier. There are many of bands inspirited us such as FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, TYPE OТ NEGATIVE, KATATONIA, KREATOR, BOLT THROWER, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED, DARKTHRONE, BURZUM and many othersЕ   

16.    You used to play in another band named ASTROFAES that seem to be even more active, am I right? What did go wrong that you parted ways with them? By the way, the guys play faster kind of Pagan Black Metal comparing to KHORS. So the question is, do you miss those aggressive tunes? DonТt you want to start out an another project where you can channel your urge to play the faster and more aggressive way?

- ASTROFAES is not active for now. Just there was the moment we recognized we canТt play together anymore. There was many reasons fordoing that both ideological and musical. I donТt miss aggressive tunes of ASTROFAES. ItТs closer to me such kind of aggression we do in KHORS.

17.    What are your expectations towards KHORS?I mean what do you want to achieve with the band? A good record deal with a major label, groupies, money or just satisfaction? :)

- Good record is up on us. We make our records better and better so I hope weТll make really great record onetime. No problem with groupies, some problems with money))) As for major label then we deal with American Paragon records and we satisfied with our collaboration a lot so itТs important for us to be one of the first bands on good label instead of to be one of the many bands on major label. Perhaps I donТt understand somethingЕ

18.    Thank you for the interview. Your words for Polish maniacs, please.

- Thanks so much for the interview, hail to Polish maniacs. Slava!

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