1 — Heathen Regards comrade! Welcome to the Front!
In the last times I got a lot of Metal and non Metal stuffs from Eastern lands and one of most surprised me undoubtedly was the last KHORS album "Mysticism", an incredible face of melodic symphonic feeling. For sure really it was one of best relevant qualitative releases coming from Ukrainian scenery recently... A great surprise to my ears.  I would like a full comment about this work both musically and ideologically if possible. What was the reaction of worldwide listeners about this album?

- Heil, bro! Very glad to surprise and please you by our latest album. Thanks a lot for your warm words about us. It’s specially nice to hear that from a person understanding Ukrainian stuff.
This album was created during of one and a half year: from the middle 2006 till the fall of 2007. At that time we were impressed by post metal, post rock, progressive, emotionally rich music of some bands. As a result we’ve got the big inflow of an atmosphere alike in our album. This album as well as its two predecessors was recorded with the help of Saturious, the keyboardist of NOKTURNAL MORTUM, FINIST and Wortherax, lead guitar player ex-NOKTURNAL MORTUM, FINIST. In ideological core of the album lies mystery of the great nature, charms of the ancient world, great spirit of the past, wisdom of centuries…     
We receive many reviews on “Mysticism” from all over the world and they’re positive in a greater degree. Some people disappointed with the changing of style to more atmospheric and soft metal but much more people began to understand us better with a new album.

2 — I'm not really sure that, but I think that almost KHORS members have played in another relevant might bands from Ukrainian scenery as NOKTURNAL MORTUM, ASTROFAES, HATE FOREST and RUNES OF DIANCEHT... So, I think this musical background has built a personality sound very mature and professional. Although I like the other KHORS's albums ("Cold" and "The Flame of Eternity's Decline"), undoubtedly "Mysticism" has show me as the best and complex album of KHORS till now, virtuous, melodic and "clean" than previous ones. In this way, do you think that KHORS reached its musical apogee?

- We’ve got wide experience when playing in different bands before KHORS therefore having gathered in 2004 we knew what we should do with our sound, musical stuff, skills level as well as the way we should develop by. Our composer’s abilities as well as talent of arrangers grew in an equal degree and they’re continue to grow as we absorb more music and other cultural wealth becoming more senior and wiser. So the music we write also changes cause of our personal ones. With the years pass we understand that to be heard well the good quality of the things you do only helps, so we preferred professional studio for recording “Mysticism” album where recording of our new album be soon btw.   
I don’t think we reached our musical apogee though some people assume that a rod’s put very high. Nevertheless it’s not interesting to us to sound constantly equally so we continue to search for the ways to be interesting and versatile. The new album will show how good we can follow it.

3 — What're the main inspirations sources related to musical background of "Mysticism"? I mean, what're the sources concerning whole KHORS lyrical contents? What's the real meaning of this riddle of "mysticism" around the lyrical KHORS's creations to you?

- As it was before, the basic source of inspiration for lyrics writing still is the nature itself, the richest history of our Native Land. No other senses or secret messages or especial riddles we lay in the word Mysticism.

4 — Talking about the lyrical appeal, what're your favorite's writers and what forms they exert influences around the KHORS's lyrics? Could you to tell us about your personal interest in literature or other kind of art such architecture or cinema?

- It’s hard to mention well-known poets or the ones whose creation we inspired of in full in the present but one can’t say the same about great poets of the past. In spite of the fact that the creation of great Ukrainian poets concerns to an epoch of christianity we all equally honour their poetic art which transferring great spirit of Ukraine in eternal struggle, sufferings and glory.
As for cinema the most impress historical movies. I mean films about ancient times as well as modern versions of II WW in the cinema of present times and many others. We’re also a little in fantastic movies maybe.
We especially ain’t indifferent to architecture monuments. It’s always very sad when monuments of architecture in our cities ain’t restoring but redeveloping. And many people think that it’s correct. In spite of the fact that in the Eastern Ukraine one can meet basically monuments of architecture of XVII-XIX centuries they’re still very interesting and dear for us. Western Ukraine much richer on architecture monuments of early periods, the places we especially like to be. I’d also like to note that monuments of so called Soviet culture, abandoned and forgotten are always attract us.

5 — Do you interest yourself in literature and arts in general as cinema? What form these aesthetical subjects bring influences to Khors creations? Why do you think that it has importance to musical process of Khors?

- I already mentioned about our interests both in literature and cinema. Sure all it gives its print: the literature, cinema and many other things in our interests and our life. I don’t think that it especially important. The person, feature, personality, an idea, spiritual development, intelligence, perception is much more important.

6 — Nowadays the culture preservation concepts consist of something special and important thoughts, and I have seen that many people and bands defending their national history, traditions, language and inherited identity share this point of view, do you agree? Anyway, I don’t think really that attitude like this will save the World, but it can show us an exemplary way of life already! Do you consider this new cultural process as an opposition against cosmopolitan and multicultural dying values?

- I don’t understand an essence of question well. We rarely collide such moods just as you wrote in modern society. The opposition as you name it is too weak to modern foundations with authority of capital. But you’re right, there are many bands prefers culture preservation concept as compared with the 80s-90s maybe…

7 — Some usual polemic matters now... I see also a great nationalist and identity sense among the most Slavonic nations for their own historical roots, cultural ancestry territorial borders and inherited language. This intrinsic spiritual connection among the people of every Slavonic country and the most ancient values of them and origins spread for all East European lands. Maybe something like a spiritual ethos in every Slavonic nation! This also makes me to believe that all nationalist sense existing in these countries of ethnic Slavonic cultural traditions is more strong and efflorescent than other European countries. Do you agree with me? In your opinion is it a real meaning of the Slavonic Heathen Front? What's your opinion about this kind of things?

- So many words told about Russian culture and all it declares that Slavs have the strongest culture, tradition, folklaws, history and even the present. There was some attempts to eradicate it but haven’t reached success and will never reach. However one can speak very accurately about nationalism in modern society. It’s too little done for restoration of Ukrainian culture in modern Ukraine and it’s sad but pleases the fact that there are preconditions, though modern society still afraid of their wrong meanings of “nationalism” and “nationalist”. Nevertheless our deal is to bear this culture in ourselves and to bring our children and those who beside in it.         
European community too seized by the questions of political correctness so it’s a little bit dangerous to bring up the questions of patriotism especially in Western Europe. In this environment nothing should seems surprising that the people of Eastern Europe remain most turned to their culture.
No any Slavonic Heathen Front in Ukraine. There are people going one way but the roads are different.

8 — In my opinion, the big interest to the Ukrainian NS-movement is shown throughout Ukraine. Many Ukrainian people understand the danger of internationalism worldwide adhering the noble values of NS ideals for the sake of full rescue of national feelings and the new statement of the purest heritage of Slavs. I see that Nationalist sights get stronger every day, as a key to the truth, being reflected by the most positive image in the extreme Pagan stage.
How you can comment everything occurring in Ukrainian Patriotic movement at present? Is there any political party or any philosophical movement addressing to Heathenish ideology in your country nowadays?

- All it’s correct for sure but the way of struggle against the threat of internationalism isn’t correct. It doesn’t approach to modern Ukrainian society and never been approached in fact. Ukrainian nationalism should not features ideals and symbols of former National Socialism which has come to Slavs with strange enough and unpopular mode for our people. As nationalists first we accent on greatness of our nation but not on superiority of a nation above other nation.
There are some patriotic political parties here in Ukraine but they haven’t enough attitude to paganism and more likely even have no any attitudes practically. I don’t consider that Paganism concerns the modern politics and never had. Revival of Slavonic culture by the forces of politicans — it is excellent though presently has little effect and is expressed not so correctly sometimes. We can support them cause of their diligence to pay attention on Ukrainian culture, to realize greatness of Ukraine…

9 — To be a Pagan man is to defend your principles and beliefs, to honor your roots, your history and your Nation! To be a Pagan man is above all to worship the natural forces and always fight for it! What is your relation with Heathenism and these values?

- Besides of above listened by you is also to transfer the knowledge, culture, belief, to tradition, roots and folklaws to the children… to bring up Slavonic greatness in them….

10 — I heard many different opinions on this topic, but I’m still interested in it... Some time ago in its recent past Ukraine has passed through a nationalist democratic movement called "Orange Revolution" which incites an approximation with EU block breaking with majority of Russian political and economical influences. This interesting but not rooted movement has taken Yushchenko the president to Ukraine’s authority that epoch! What're your personal visions about Yushchenko interests for the Ukraine’s future? Is he a true nationalist or just another Jewish capitalist puppet?

- It was hard time with a hard choice but it was necessary to see that situation from the inside. Though many people understood that there American puppet against the Russian one on a round but at the same time there was unequivocal choice: to support the candidate who speaking about Ukrainian values and revival of culture or support criminal one from the miner’s region who’s already bought a chair of presidency by a lot of deceits. Excitement of Ukrainian people in this occasion is quite proved and we also supported so called in that times Ukrainian democracy.   
As for Yushenko himself then he’s a nationalist but also puppet of the jewish capitalists. He’s actively into Tripolish culture and beekeeping. Competent enough man but there’s a problem – he can’t govern the country and five years of his presidency proved it. But just in times of the nationalist Yushenko presidency the soldiers of Ukrainian Insurgent Army as well as such personalities as Roman Shuhevich and Stepan Bandera have been recognized as Heroes of Ukraine and it’s important. Yushenko spoke many about nationalism and that was good atmosphere for our activity. We’ll see if Ukraine will go this way further…

11 — Nowadays the Ukrainian stage is one of the strongest in Europe with many excellent, extremely significant groups. I can distinguish some great Ukrainian groups, such as DUB BUK, ASTROFAES, DRUDKH, NOKTURNAL MORTUM, CHUR, KRODA and, of course, KHORS. How you can comment the current state of Ukrainian extremist scenery? What groups you support, and what Ukrainian bands of new generation you can recommend to us?

- Our favourite Ukrainian bands are DRUDKH and NOKTURNAL MORTUM. The bands we like the music of, the people we know for a long time and support. We also recommend you to pay your attention on HATE FOREST and BLOOD OF KINGU bands. Ukrainian BM stage (to be exact Kharkov state BM stage) is still the strongest and the most presented one outside the country. Such state of affairs is kept already during for more of 10 years. We are proud to be its part.

12 — A really usual question now, but what're your favorite’s bands worldwide in various styles as Pagan, Black, Folk, Atmospheric, Dark wave and et cetera...?

- Our top often changing but many years in our favourites such bands as W.A.S.P., KATATONIA, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, KREATOR, DISMEMBER, BOLT THROWER, BURZUM and many others. There are too many of them to mention…

13 — And about gigs...? KHORS has played in several gigs in Russian and Ukraine as the might KOLOVOROT HEATHEN FEST, I think. There is any news about new gigs?

- Yes, we played on Kolovorot fest several times as well as on many other fests both large and local in Russia, Belarus, Moldova. Among upcoming shows is only one for now. It will be in Mocsow, RU in the middle March on “Funeral of Winter” Fest.

14 — In your opinion, the Eastern Europe is the last bastion of Aryan People? I mean, in your opinion the Western world has fallen with its democratic demo-liberalism values?

- Right and I already explained why it’s so. While Western Europe’s learning to love homosexual freaks and “united colours of benetton” we speak about patriotism and Ukrainian heroes here, for example. Sure still high the percentage of people who don’t care about patriotism and I told about it, but we’ll see…

15 — Some words about:

Nature preservation

- Very important question


- High standard of living, sick liberalism/The military machine we suppose fucking unnecessary here…

C) — Ukrainian nationalist youth

- Excellent ground for it in the present time of recognized victories

D) — National Pride Worldwide

- Let gets stronger!

16 — Well Slav brother... this is the end! Really thanks for your words related to KHORS and time answering these acid questions.

Stay in Heathen Fight and keep the flame burning. Long life to KHORS and you.

Last words, please...

- Thanks so much for your time, bro! Nice to answer your question. Thanks to everyone supporting Pagan scene, Hail to everyone who hold Pagan fire in his soul, honour his roots. Slava!

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