Winter Stronghold (Live)

Winter Stronghold (Live), 2011


DVD, 2011, Eclectic Productions, Official Bootleg

1. Intro 
2. Garnet 
3. In The Depths Of Black Hills
4. Winterfall
5. Ashes
6. Moan Of The Grief
7. Mysticism 
8. Cold
9. Through The Rays Of Fading Moon...
10.Raven's Dance 
11.Outro (Milk Of Heavens)
12.Trees Are Remembers...

Recorded Live On Kolovorot Pagan Festival, Ukraine, Kharkiv, 26.12.2009
Track 12 recorded Live On Metal Head's Mission Festival, Ukraine, Eupatoria, 04.08.2008

Vocal & guitar: Helg
Lead guitar: Warth
Bass: Khorus
Drums: Khaoth
Guitar on track 12: Nort
Sound: Maiden

Design: Sir Gorgoroth
Foto: Oleg Romanovskiy

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