Abandoned Leaves (Live)

Abandoned Leaves (Live), 2013


CD, 2013, Eclectic Productions. Digipack with A4 poster. Limited to 500 copies, handnumbered. Embossed logo on front cover.

1. Arrival (intro)
2. Lost Threads
3. Asgard's Shining
4. The Fog (...And Grief Still Moans)
5. In The Depths Of Black Hills
6. Mysticism
7. Я Принесу С Собою Гром (Thunder I Shall Bring)
8. Ashes
9. Sacraments of Buyan
10. Trees Are Remembers

Recorded Live On Kolovorot Pagan Festival, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 24.12.2010.
Engineered by Andrey Astargh Veryovkin.
Mixed and mastered in OSF Studio, Kharkiv, Ukraine, February — May 2011.
Engineered by Andrey Astargh Veryovkin.
All music and lyrics written by Helg and Khorus except "Thunder I Shall Bring" written by Thurios.

Vocal & guitar: Jurgis
Lead guitar: Warth
Bass: Khorus
Drums: Khaoth

Design: Sir Gorgoroth
Foto: Alina Neurotica and Devilish

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