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Interview: Slowly We Rot fanzine #16, 2020


Life Beyond the Bestial

In a month exactly we'll head out to «Life Beyond the Bestial» mini tour dedicated to our latest EP, so you can hear all new songs from «Beyond the Bestial» exclusively once and never again. We're happy to participate at 10 Years Best of Dark Troll Festival anniversary show, as well as to visit and to play in Szescin for the very first time at Impurity Death Fest vol. 5, and of course to be back to Pilsen and meet again our friends there, and hoping for warm tube home concert atmosphere. Only 3 exclusive shows untill the end of this year. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Ragnard Winter Nights

We're back home after Ragnard Winter Nights tour which was absolutely fantastic in every way, and we're happy to have had those days and nights in beautiful places which we've never been in before, to explore new countries, landscapes, meet great people, new friends and some old ones as well. This tour became the most professional in our band's career, the most distant for the moment and probably the most difficult, so we're glad we passed the test with dignity. We'd like to express huge appreciation to Mr. Franco Rrf, Andrea Giannelli and the rest of Rising MOON PROD family for making this tour happen at the highest level. We thank all the promoters working hard on the shows, especially to Franc Nocturnal Reaper (you not just managed a show, but performed a feat, man!). Thank you all so much who visited our shows and supported us (hopefully we've met your expectations). Special thanks to the guys of Selvans: Luca, Alessandro, Marco, Christian, Alessandro. That was awesome to share these days with you, guys. And of course highest respect to our transport department: Laurent Lycans, Benoit PxRay, Александр Костко (Alexander Kostko) and Yury – you did an excellent job!
Thank you all again and stay tuned for the next announcements!


That was a pleasure to be back to your beautiful country again and had so awesome evening. Thank you all for making our stay so nice and memorable. Cheers and hails to all our friends we’ve met both old and new ones. That’s especially nice to meet you far away from home. 
Our special thanks and highest respects to Brigitte André for making all this happen and taking care of us during our stay like being band’s mother. Merci beaucoup! You did an excellent job and we appreciate it so much!
And our mission continues. Stay tuned for the next announces!

Ragnard Rockers! Merci pour ce fest les gars. C'était super!

Thanks so much for giving us a chance to explore France with this kind of amazing festival full of warm family atmosphere. We hope to be back oneday to discover more these amazing places.
Great respect to Edoras Rrf, Andrea Giannelli and everybody else involved in the organization. Thanks a lot for all the fans for your outstanding support. That was incredible. Hails to everybody we're hanging out having fun and beers together with. 
If you want more doze of Khors, we'll be back in August for MOTOCULTOR FESTIVAL Open Air and would be glad to see you all there. 
And please tag us if you have some photos since we don't have any. Thanks!

Hell Fast Attack!

Thank you very much for the fantastic atmosphere, this amazing feature that only this festival might have. That was good to be with you as always. Thank you all who being with us that chilly rainy evening. We appreciate your support a lot. 
We respect the organizers and all the technicians for excellent work and special thanks to our driver Alex for being as fast as hell in our time of need!
We hope to see you again very soon and our next stop is France for Ragnard ROCK Festival.

Darktrolls! Vielen vielen Dank!

You can’t imagine how many troubles we had to go through to reach you but it was totally worth it. We were running behind, survived falcon attack, got our windshield cracked, however we had a good time thanks to your warm support and words of respect. We’d like to thank festival promoters, crew, and all the fans so much for inviting us over the weekend to play at your amazing festival, giving us the honor of playing in your country for the very first time, and making our stay really memorable experience in our career. 
We also thank the organizers and the people attended Czech cozy indoor party Carnival Of Souls we played a day before our appearance at Dark Troll Festival VII. It was pleasure to play and talk to you as always. See you very soon in your country again. 
Finally we’d like to thank a lot Anton Thorgeir Prymak of BALFOR, who took care of guitar and vocals on these shows instead of our constant member Jurgis, who unfortunately couldn’t come with us due to his family cares. Be sure we’re back before too long with an expanded set-list full of new songs. And of course special thanks to our driver Alexandr Kostko and Uncle Piet-Hein van der Putten for your inestimable help. 
Thank you again and anyone with photos, please tag us!

DVD “Following the Years of Blood”

DVD “Following the Years of Blood” is out on Eclectic Productions.
DVD consists of two professionally filmed band's live performances, 
one in Kyiv in April 2015 and second in Kharkiv in March 2014.
Kyiv Black Mass Festival 2015
1. Intro
2. No Oaths, No Tears, No Knees!
3. Dead Birds Valley
4. Following the Ways of Blood
5. The Last Leaves
6. For the Last Time
7. My Cossack Way
Kharkiv 2014
1. Through the Сlouds of the Past (intro) 
2. Black Forest's Flaming Eyes 
3. The Last Leaves 
4. The Only Time Will Take It Away
5. Asgard's Shining 
6. Mysticism
7. Ashes 
8. Wisdom of Centuries 
9. Sacrament Of Buyan  
DVD comes in 6 panel A5 digipack.

LP “Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours”

LP “Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours” is out on Svarga Music collaborated with Bloodred Distribution, Fimbulvinter Productions, Gardarika Musikk and Possession productions. LP comes in gatefold sleeve limited to 500 copies.

Re-issue of "The Flame of Eternity’s Decline" album by Svarga Music

One more release from us this year!
Now 10 years later since the initial issue in 2005 meet the re-edition of our debut album “The Flame of Eternity’s Decline” completely remixed and remastered. The new edition comes in a noble 6 panel digipack with new artwork. There are guitarist Wortherax (Twilightfall, ex- Nokturnal Mortum) and keyboardist Saturious (Finist, ex- Nokturnal Mortum) who helped us during the recording of this the very first album of ours.
The album comes out on Svarga Music on November 6.

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