Poland, Lithuania, Belarus! Afterwards!

Finally we’re back home and now when we feel good and rested we’d like to say many thanks to all of you guys who came to our shows and supported us. Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, thanks for having us over! Thank you, guys for your warm words of sympathy and respect. Hope we’ll see you again very soon. Special thanks to the promoters, organizers, tech crew and our colleagues namely Max Nabokov, BALFOR band mates (Thorgeir, Athamas, Warider), Eugeny Pylypenko, Jotunhammer, Adrian Pelka, Klimoth & NON OPUS DEI, Daividas Kurlis & Kilkim Žaibu festival crew, Gytis Nenius and technical crew, Andis Mikainis, Gints Albužis, Vidmantas Zyrauskas, Vladimir Deinega, Oleg Barozhinsky, Alexandra Fevra, Alexander Litvinsky, Viktor Lapitsky, Anton Prigornitsky.
Thank you again! Gods bless you!

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