Ragnard Winter Nights

We're back home after Ragnard Winter Nights tour which was absolutely fantastic in every way, and we're happy to have had those days and nights in beautiful places which we've never been in before, to explore new countries, landscapes, meet great people, new friends and some old ones as well. This tour became the most professional in our band's career, the most distant for the moment and probably the most difficult, so we're glad we passed the test with dignity. We'd like to express huge appreciation to Mr. Franco Rrf, Andrea Giannelli and the rest of Rising MOON PROD family for making this tour happen at the highest level. We thank all the promoters working hard on the shows, especially to Franc Nocturnal Reaper (you not just managed a show, but performed a feat, man!). Thank you all so much who visited our shows and supported us (hopefully we've met your expectations). Special thanks to the guys of Selvans: Luca, Alessandro, Marco, Christian, Alessandro. That was awesome to share these days with you, guys. And of course highest respect to our transport department: Laurent Lycans, Benoit PxRay, Александр Костко (Alexander Kostko) and Yury – you did an excellent job!
Thank you all again and stay tuned for the next announcements!

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