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Unholy Gate: For the uninitiated, please provide a quick description about you and your band.

- Hi! We’re Khors, we gathered up in August of 2004 to play some kind Slavonic black metal. Till now we recorded and released three albums and the fourth one is out soon. Hope you know what band name means if you’re in Slavonic mythology a little. Otherwise one can find a definition in the web. We also play shows and we played around 50 ones in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

Unholy Gate: Tell us about your latest album.

- Our latest album for now called “Mysticism”. It differs from the fist and the second albums with its mystical atmosphere, mid-tempo songs, lot of keyboards and so on. I don’t know exactly what should I tell about it. I like it and I offer you to listen it and maybe you’ll like it too.

Unholy Gate: What's your touring situation?

- Actually we play shows in C.I.S. territory as I wrote before. We never played abroad and we hope we will but you know, it’s not important for us cause our attendance in our NativeLand in general.

Unholy Gate: Any videos or special appearances coming up, or perhaps a recent story to share?

- We have got bootleg videos almost after each show and we released DVD “Cold Ways” two years before which includes our performances in two cities. It’s good enough in sound and picture but we think to make professional DVD. Now I can’t say when we’ll book a show to film DVD in. We thought to do it this Spring but now the terms shifted to Autumn this year. We’ll see… 

Unholy Gate: What does your music mean to you?

- Our feelings, our thoughts, colours of our souls….

Unholy Gate: Where should one go to find more about your band?

- On our myspace page for example. On our official website too. One can also write to us using contacts indicated there!

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