Рецензия: Tolkuchka "The Flame Of Eternity's Decline"


Рецензия: Obskure "The Flame Of Eternity's Decline"


Рецензия: Metalland "The Flame Of Eternity's Decline"



1. Hello Khorus, how are you? Regards from Spain, a pleasure to speak with you. Explain to us a bit the beginnings of the band up to nowadays, why did you decide to create the band? Has it been a difficult way?


Hi Juan!

I'm fine, thanks! Our way has begun in late summer of 2004. It happened right after I left ASTROFAES, the previous band I’ve played in. I had some ideas and concept for the new band of mine and some plans for its further development. With the help of Khaoth first and then Helg and Nort who joined to us as well it was possible to us to realize our plans and ideas. At the moment we are valid element that keeps one of the leading positions among the Ukrainian bands judging by the feedback of public and press. I can’t tell these almost 7 years of our activity behind us was so easy. It’s quite hard in Ukraine to be engaged in music and make money and still find enough time for the family at the same time. But at the moment all the things go well I believe.


2. Let's speak a bit about the discography of the band. "The Flame of Eternity's Decline", in my opinion, KHORS was a band more aggressive than at present, do you agree? And since we speak on your first album, this one will be released in LP, why have you decided to do this?


Our first album namely “The Flame of Eternity’s Decline” has really turned out even more aggressive and powerful than we supposed it initially. It passes properly our emotions and feelings which led us during the creation of music and recording process.

LP version was released by Heidenwut Productions in the end of 2010. This label also released our second album “Cold” on LP before. We like so much that kind of format and we plan to release all the albums of ours on LP. In particular our “Return To Abandoned” record is plan to be released by legendary Osmose Productions soon.


3. On the other hand, “Cold” & "Mysticism", I believe that it is a more experimental albums....


We’ve decided to not to continue the line of aggression and to make the following album a little bit other. As a whole I can note that we always try to make different albums. “Cold” is quieter and measured but still some powerful and fast tracks are there in. In “Mysticism” we concentrated on atmosphere and melodies. I think that it’s the most experimental album of ours at the moment. 


4. And now let's speak about your last album "Return to Abandoned ". On having listened to the album, I have noticed that it is more direct than "Mysticism" though also it is something melodic, might he be "Return to Abandoned" a mixture of your first three albums?


“Return To Abandoned” is more harder than “Mysticism” and we can surely speaking we was success in mixing the kind of aggression we made on our first albums with melodies and atmosphere of late album on this latest one. Nevertheless it’s other than the previous three our records in any case.


5. You and Helg write the music and the lyrics in KHORS, speak to us please a bit about this.


Yes, we wrote and we’ll write the music and lyrics further notwithstanding the Helg left the band. He will become a party to creation of new stuff as well as Warth and our new guitarist/vocalist Jurgis. We become to create the music for KHORS in two with Helg starting from “Cold” record and on the first one there was only me who wrote all the music then Helg joined us right before recording of it. Then later on Helg has brought a huge contribution in creation of new stuff on all records.     


6. What importance has the nature for KHORS? Is it KHORS a pagan band? What do you think about the paganism?


For us bonding with nature and with ancestor’s belief as well is fundamental and indissoluble things. This way we’ve chosen for a long time ago even before I gathered KHORS and I don’t think some factors can force us to remove from it. The lyrics completely pass our perception of the nature and spiritual unity with the ancient world.


7. We go with some members of the band, Saturious (Keyboards), he is an guest musician or is a permanent member in the band? Why they have so much does he attend the keyboards in "Return to Abandoned"?


Saturious is old friend of ours and he participated in all the records of KHORS as well as in some records of ASTROFAES, the previous band I’ve played in. He’s not the band member but only helps us in studio and his help is very important! The keyboards create very original atmosphere in our music.


8. And now let's speak about Helg, why has Helg left the band?


Helg’s got very complex situation in his family life and cause of which he couldn’t go tours and pay sufficient attention to the band anymore. We respect his choice and this situation hasn’t affected our personal attitudes with Helg. We are friends with Helg still as well as with our other ex- member Nort. Recently Helg became father second time with what we congratulated him sure)


9. Will it be Jurgis the official substitute of Helg?


Yes, Jurgis is officially in the band since last autumn and it happened right after Helg left our staff. Before that Jurgis was session musician on Helg’s place. Jurgis actually is musician of high level and we’re very glad he’s joined us. 


10. The last work of the band is the DVD "Winter Stronghold", what can you explain to us on this DVD? WhymotivehaveyourecordednowaDVD?


This is official bootleg DVD kinda like for fans only. He filmed on stationary handycam during Kololvorot, Pagan fest in late 2009. This DVD crowns the era of Helg in the band, some kind of a result his stay in KHORS as guitarist/vocalist.


11. Speak to us a bit on your shows, of the Sumardag Fest, etc...


We love to play live shows as it is important part of our activity. As for Sumarsdag fest unfortunately I can’t notice it successful one mainly due to the very bad attendance. We had many much more successful shows and fests in different cities of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belarus. 


12. In the festival Kilkim Zaibu, you play with bands like SKYFORGER, TEMNOZOR, NEGURA BUNGET, etc... Besides these bands, also you play with MEKONG DELTA, is not it a bit strange that a band of Thrash Metal like MEKONG DELTA plays in this festival?


Yeah, very strange! You know when we’ve learned about participation of MEKONG DELTA on this festival we were a bit surprised, ha-ha! Of course we feel sympathy to this band but if considering the themes of the festival then it really seems strange. But that’s the choice of fest promoters and that’s completely up on them. No problem! I’d like to note that we’ll be very glad to play on this festival and we’d like to thank Daividas, the fest boss for the invitation. 


13. Let's speak now a bit on your country. Do you believe that they have the Ukrainian bands slightly special?, culture, form of life, traditions, etc …


I can’t say I’m of high opinion on our Ukrainian scene. Except of Kharkov school black metal as well as pairs-three nuggets I see no sense to talk about something special. As for our country then it has not really its best times. Economy crisis and political collapses don’t give calm and steadiness to our people. But I believe in our people, in our nation! We have ancient and very strong roots, great ancestors and nice history! Traditions are strong and people will cheer up sooner or later! 


14. Have you contact with some band of your country?


Our friends are the guys of NOKTURNAL MORTUM, REUSMARKT and Roman Saenko (DRUDKH). We are in contact with them.


15. Well, already we have ended, thank you very much Khorus for your collaboration, if you want to add some thing to this interview, forward. Thank you very much and luck with the band.


Thanks a lot for the interview. I was glad to answer your questions. My cheers to the people of Spain! Cheers! Honor your history and your ancestors!


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