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New track online

Today before our performance on Oskorei Pagan fest which will pass in Kyiv, Ukraine on December 18 we decided to share with you our new demo track which is called "Mudrist' Stolit'" ("Wisdom of Centuries") from our brand new album the recording process of which is almost finished. The new album is out in the second part of 2012 but the details of that will be posted later...

You may check this new track on our Myspace page: either download it from here:

Double LP "Return To Abandoned" is out now on Osmose Productions


Our “Return To Abandoned” album is out now on Osmose Productions as double gatefold LP (glossy laminated 350 gr.) limited edition in 500 copies as it was announced before. 200 copies include vynils in olive green. You can buy this release through label now for 16/18 Euro.

Perunica Fest Autumnal Tour. Epilogue

We've back home after series of shows Perunica Fest Autumnal Tour during which we played in Slovakian cities Prešov and Nitra then in Czech cities Brno and Prague. We’d like to thank great comrades of ours of ANCESTRAL VOLKHVES band for made these beautiful days been possible and shared it with us. Also big thanks to the promoters and their assistants for great organization, invitation and hospitality, thanks to the bands we’ve played together with, thanks to the guys visited these shows and supported us. Special hallo and cheers to Hyozt, One of Thorns & REUSMARKT, Igor Kmit’, Josef Kmit’, Peter, Milan ‘Mikkie’ Šteger, Martin ‘Matyk’ Gibej, Matúš Jaško, Daniela Marcinovova, Sally, Michal ‘Waldemar’ Marcinčin, Draco, David, Premek & Magdalena Kiselá. Ďakujeme!

Recording of the new album’s started

On September 24 we entered Blacklight Studio, Kiev, UA to record our new album there in. During three days of studio work we recorded drum section, percussion, bass guitars and rhythm guitars parts. Other part of the album will be recorded at OSF Studio in Kharkov, UA then the whole recorded album will back to Blacklight Studio for further mixing and mastering. We have no album title yet but we’d like to note that its conception definitely will be the new phase of our creativity experimental enough and something new for us and for listeners. The updated information about terms of recording, album title and release date will be announced later.

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2LP «Return To Abandoned» is out soon on Osmose Productions


«Return To Abandoned» album is out soon on legendary Osmose Productions in Double LP. This special edition will include studio version of album on the first LP and audio version of band’s live performance recorded during Kolovorot Pagan fest in 2010 on the second LP.

As shown on label’s website at this special edition be released limited to 500 copies only 200 copies of which will include vinyls in olive.

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Official Website Update

Today our official website was updated. All work was carried out by Annexare Studio.

Lineup changes

Helg, the original vocalist/guitarist and main author of the music is with us again. Welcome back, brother!

Warth is no longer the musician for KHORS. We will not pay this any attention, and wish him good luck in life and business. Everyone chooses his own destiny himself.

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Khors - Asgard's Shining (Live Video) 2010

Filmed during latest Kolovorot festival. Kharkiv, Ukraine. 24-12-2010

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Radio interview

Tomorrow, March 18, from 12:10 to 12:45 at  radio "Assol" (104,8 FM) will be done live  interview with Khors. Listen, call, ask questions — will be presentedan autographed CD from the musicians. Live broadcast:

Bootleg DVD

Today Eclectic Production released bootleg DVD «Winter Stronghold», containing band performeance at the festival Kolovorot 2009 + bonus video from the festival Metal Head's Mission 2008.
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Russian release of the new album

The Russian version of the new album «Return To Abandoned» will be available on Irond Records on Monday, 13.12.2010. The same day the publication will be available at the Kharkov shop "Kolovorot" (square of the Constitution, 1, at the Palace of Labor. Courtyard).

Price CD: 60 UAH

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