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"Mysticism" Re-issue


"Mysticism" album in honor of its fifth anniversary will be re-released soon in digipack CD format by Ukrainian label Svarga Music with a completely new design developed Al.Ex {Mayhem Design}. The release date for the CIS countries is 12.24.2013 and worldwide release date is 02.14.2014. You can order your copy of re-released “Mysticism” album now!

“Wisdom of Centuries” new pro-live video


Our new “Wisdom of Centuries” pro-live video filmed during our performance at Kilkim Žaibu open air festival, Varniai, Lithuania on 23-06-2013 and edited by festival crew especially for upcoming annual DVD. Hope you’ll like this one! 

Gerderland & Aurora Infernalis festival behind us!

Gerderland & Aurora Infernalis festival behind us so we’d like to thank everyone who’ve made this festival and our performance there possible, who helped us in any way during our whole trip, to all the fans came and support us, to all the guys we spoke, drink and have fun with. Special thanks to Reinier Vlemmings, Leroy Kuster, Alexey aka Bes Weedowski, Sviatoslav (Svarga Music), Arnhem Hotel Central  staff, Luxorlive and festival crew.
Thanks so much for awesome weekends!

"Mysticism" new merchandise.

This year our "Mysticism" album celebrates its fifth anniversary therefore we support it with the new T-shirts and Hoodies. Earlier this year "Mysticism" is out on LP and it will be re-issued later this year. Welcome to merchandise page:


LP "Mysticism" is out on Osmose Productions (France)

1. Through the Rays of Fading Moon
2. Raven's Dance
3. Milk of Heavens
4. Winterfall
5. In the Cold Embrace of Mist
6. Pagan Scars
7. Mysticism
8. Red Mirrors

Gothoom Open Air

Last weekend we were at Gothoom Open Air in Nová Baňa, Slovakia. Cheers to all the fans who came and support us, all guys who we spoke and drink with and people who made it happen, Peter ‘Doomas’ Bet’ko, Matúš Jaško, Miroslav, to our driver Oleg and all others in festival crew! 
Thanx for awesome weekend! Hope to see you again soon!



Poland, Lithuania, Belarus! Afterwards!

Finally we’re back home and now when we feel good and rested we’d like to say many thanks to all of you guys who came to our shows and supported us. Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, thanks for having us over! Thank you, guys for your warm words of sympathy and respect. Hope we’ll see you again very soon. Special thanks to the promoters, organizers, tech crew and our colleagues namely Max Nabokov, BALFOR band mates (Thorgeir, Athamas, Warider), Eugeny Pylypenko, Jotunhammer, Adrian Pelka, Klimoth & NON OPUS DEI, Daividas Kurlis & Kilkim Žaibu festival crew, Gytis Nenius and technical crew, Andis Mikainis, Gints Albužis, Vidmantas Zyrauskas, Vladimir Deinega, Oleg Barozhinsky, Alexandra Fevra, Alexander Litvinsky, Viktor Lapitsky, Anton Prigornitsky.
Thank you again! Gods bless you!

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The first KHORS Live Album "Abandoned Leaves " is out on Eclectic Productions (Ukraine)

Format: Digipack CD
1. Arrival (intro)
2. Lost Threads
3. Asgard's Shining
4. The Fog (...And Grief Still Moans)
5. In The Depths Of Black Hills
6. Mysticism
7. Я Принесу С Собою Гром (Thunder I Shall Bring)
8. Ashes
9. Sacraments of Buyan
10. Trees Are Remembers

New Patches

New patches is available.

New tapes "Return to Abandoned", "Cold Ways" and "Winter Stronghold"

"Return to Abandoned" album as well as audio versions of both our DVDs "Cold Ways" and "Winter Stronghold" are out now on Werewolf Promotions, Poland on MC format



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