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LP “Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours”

LP “Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours” is out on Svarga Music collaborated with Bloodred Distribution, Fimbulvinter Productions, Gardarika Musikk and Possession productions. LP comes in gatefold sleeve limited to 500 copies.

Re-issue of "The Flame of Eternity’s Decline" album by Svarga Music

One more release from us this year!
Now 10 years later since the initial issue in 2005 meet the re-edition of our debut album “The Flame of Eternity’s Decline” completely remixed and remastered. The new edition comes in a noble 6 panel digipack with new artwork. There are guitarist Wortherax (Twilightfall, ex- Nokturnal Mortum) and keyboardist Saturious (Finist, ex- Nokturnal Mortum) who helped us during the recording of this the very first album of ours.
The album comes out on Svarga Music on November 6.

New Official Video "The Last Leaves"


On September 20 we are back to the cradle of Ukrainian Cossacks – Cherkassy, the city where we will participate in charity festival “Povstanets” (“The Rebel”). By coincidence it was September 2012 when our “Wisdom of Centuries” record was out, the first one performed in our native tongue and dedicated to the events that took place in Kholodny Yar a century ago. In that fall of 2012 near Melniki village we filmed video on “The Last Leaves” song which due to various reasons didn’t work out in the way we’d like it to be. However we guess now is the very that moment we should share it with you. 

“My Cossack Way” pro-live video

New “My Cossack Way” pro-live video filmed during our performance at Kyiv Black Mass festival, 26.04.2015, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Sixth full-lenght entitled "Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours" is out on Candlelight Records.
The album was recorded from January to June 2014 at local studios Phantom Records, Jurgis home studio, Nightmarestudio and Iron Still Records then mixed and mastered by Shaddar, our long term partner in his legendary Blacklight Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine. The album contains 8 tracks, total duration: 43 mins. 
Track listing:
1. No Oaths, No Tears, No Knees!
2. Dead Birds Valley
3. Following the Ways of Blood
4. Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours (instr.)
5. 1664
6. For the Last Time
7. Slight Web Solitude
8. My Cossack Way

“Ashes” pro-live video

New “Ashes” pro-live video filmed during our performance in Kharkiv city, Ukraine, 23-03-2014 

Re-issue of "Cold" album by Svarga Music


“Cold” album is re-released by Svarga Music. Album remixed, remastered and reworked new edition in a 6 panel digipak. “Cold” was recorded in Kharkiv during Winter-Spring 2006 at M-Art and Audio Alchemia Studios then mixed at Buddha Cat Studio in Moscow by Michael Smirnov. The album initially was released by Oriana Music in December 2006. In 2014 “Cold” album was completely re-mixed and re-mastered by Astargh at his Dark Essence Studio.

Khors live @ Oskorei festival. Full show


We’ve got nice quality video bootleg filmed during our live performance @ Oskorei Pagan Music festival in December 2012. Back then we represented recently released “Wisdom of Centuries” album.
We thank Yura Silentbeholder for filming.

Celebrating Ukraine Unification Day with the new single


Following the ways of blood through centuries went the sons of Ukraine land clutching morgensterns, sabers and rifles in their calloused hands. Armed hard with the idea of unity they were moving through treat of deceit against those wishing to enjoy captured. And blood flowed the river from Bukovina to Sloboda lands bonding the dream of happy sovereign unity of our people. Probably a lot more of the best sons of Ukraine will die for the implementation of this age-old dream...

96 years ago, we, Ukrainians believe that now is a great time of eternal unity.

«Henceforth there’s united and independence Ukrainian People’s Republic. Henceforth Ukrainian people released with the powerful gust of their own forces has the chance to build the infrangible independence Ukrainian state with the united friendly efforts of all its sons for the weal and happiness for all its people».   

January 22, 1919 in Kyiv

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